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Software Requirements

  • Eclipse 3.6 (Helios) or higher
  • JVM 6, 7, 8

Mac Users

Please use Java 6 update 24 or higher.
We have noticed a bug with Java 6 update 22 on OS X.

What if my code is written/compiled for Java versions below 6?

If your code is written/compiled for Java versions below 6, you can still use Chronon by installing Java 6 and running on jvm version 6.
Since JVMs are backward compatible, you should not face any issues running on Java 6.

64 bit

If you are running a 64 bit OS, make sure you are using 64 bit versions of Eclipse and Java to get the maximum performance.


Hardware Requirements

Minimun config:

  • 4gb ram
  • Dual Core processor

Recommended config:

  • 64 bit OS
  • 64 bit versions of Java and Eclipse
  • 8gb ram or higher
  • Quad Core or higher processor 
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