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The include and exclude properties in the recorder config file tell the recorder which classes to record.

Class Inclusion Model

The model by which the recorder chooses which classes are to be recorded is as follows:

  1. By default, all classes are excluded from recording.
  2. You then specify which classes should be included.
  3. In case of a conflict between rules, where a class is both included and excluded at the same time, exclusion will take precendence.
  4. All classes in the java.** namespace are excluded by default in the recorder, so they cannot be included due to rule 3.


#com.MyClass will be *excluded* in this case

include = com.MyClass
exclude = com.MyClass


Include/Exclude Pattern Types

Include and Exclude properties takes 'class patterns' as values to select classes to include/exclude.

Pattern Type

Pattern Example

Pattern Description



Selects entire com.myorg namespace. Any classname that begins with com.myorg. will be selected.
Eg - com.myorg.MyClass, com.myorg.pack1.MyClass2



Selects only the classes in the com.myorg package.
Eg - com.myorg.MyClass will be selected, but  com.myorg.pack1.MyClass2 will not.



Selects only the specified class

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